The mountain is located in the province of East Java, Strato-type areas with an altitude of 3339 m above sea level. Usually this is achieved from mountain climbing two points are well known, from Tretes and Batu Malang. Arjuno adjacent to Mount Welirang. Arjuno mountain peak located on the same ridge mountain peaks Welirang. Apart from the above two Arjuno to climb from various other directions.

Mountain, located to the west of Batu Malang - East Java is also a climbing destination. Besides the high that has reached over 3000 meters, in the mountains there are several attractions. One is the waterfall attraction "Kakek Bodo" ​​which is also one of the route to the summit of Mount Arjuna. Though apart Kakek Bodo waterfall attraction, there is also another waterfall, but the tourists rarely visit other waterfall, probably because of the location and tourist facilities are less supportive.
Climbing Routes
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There are still more beach panorama should not miss when you come in in the area of Malang, which Beach Tamban. Tamban beach located next Sendangbiru is located not too far to the Sendangbiru beach.

Precisely Tamban beach located in the village or the village pond Rejo Tamban, District Sumbermanjing Wetan. Tamban coast in great demand because of white sand and rocks are scattered along the coastline is still very natural and suitable for the visit. From the beach Tamban and also could see the sparkling beauty of the island Sempu sunlight. Not far from the beach there is also a beach Tamban that you can try visiting the beach Senidiki.
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Balekambang beach located south of the city of Malang, precisely in the District Bantur approximately 65 km. Balekambang beach can be reached by passing through the area of the district and sub-district Gondanglegi Bantur, then go to the village Srigonco. Besides a trip to the Balekambang beach can also be reached via  Kepanjen district, then to the District Pagak after that turn left in the direction of District Bantur.

If taken from Surabaya, Sidoarjo go directly towards, and then into the unfortunate city, follow the directions to Kepanjen district and subdistrict Bantur, and meet Bantur city, there will be a choice of directions will meet with district and village Gondanglegi srigonco,, right on the village road srigonco will be winding up and down with a view of green forest department to enter into a tourist area Balekambang.

Selamat Datang

Balekambang Beach is one of the famous beaches of tourism in Malang, East Java. As a point of general tourism, beach Balekambang already equipped with adequate facilities, among others; Kiosk, bungalows, spacious parking, food depots, Mosque, pavilion, camping ground etc..

Balekambang beach spans 2 kilometers and has a coastline of about 200 meters is a beautiful beach with white sand and the waves are relatively flat. However, despite having a relatively calm waves at low tide than other southern sea coast, not recommended for bathrooms for those who can not swim. It is precisely at low tide is danger of the waves to be bigger and have a lot of casualties.

There are 3 small islands opposite the beach is Ismoyo Island, Anoman Island and Island Wisanggeni . If you hear a story that is very similar to Balekambang lot Land Bali, with pure which is across from the beach on the island and is linked with the story of the people jembatan.Yang is Ismoyo island with majestic temple stands in the middle, are similar to those in the Tanah Lot Bali. The beach is quite crowded visited by domestic and foreign tourists during public holidays, and will be more crowded again, especially during the month of Suro. Because at that time will be held ceremonies rituals and ceremonies Suro'an Jalanidhi Puja ceremony is a special event in this Balekambang Coast.

If a visit to the  Balekambang beach, do not forget to come to the beach as well as two beach Kondang Merak is close.
Sendang Biru Beach Malang approximately 70 km south of the city center towards the beach Malang.Untuk blue spring you have to pass Turen, then head towards Sumber manjing Wetan. Well here's district Sumber Manjing Wetan coastal areas lies the Sendang Biru. Sendang Biru is better known as a fish landing and auction Malang regency, but also opened as a tourist. If you did not know the location, please ask directions Turen first if still in the city of Malang, until after Turen then simply ask Sendang Biru location. Residents around Turen average all already know the direction and the path to the beach.

The surf beach is quieter than the spring blue waves Balekambang Beach or Beach Ngliyep although equally as dealing with the ocean beach Indonesia. Because hindered by existing Sempu island opposite the beach. Distance of the two only separated by a narrow strait. Because of this condition the Sendang Biru is very suitable for boating, fishing or other water sports beach. Sempu island itself is also much visited by tourists who like the outdoors.

Photo by Atok

In this Sempu Island there are also small freshwater lake inhabited by many fish. In addition, the island is a habitat for all sorts sempu fauna, especially birds consisting of innumerable species.

If you want to cross over to the island or just Sempu puter-puter from left to right you can catch a boat Island which was prepared by the locals to tourists. Tariff if one boat chartered own one group klo weekdays IDR 75K, but klo refractive holidays up to IDR 100K. Or you can around the island with more expensive fare around IDR 300K.

On 7 or 8 Shawwal, many people who take a boat to Pulau Sempu to take fresh water is in the lake there. According to belief, freshwater Sempu Island efficacious for health or healing.

To come times to locations Sendang Biru Beach can be reached by all types of cars and motorbikes. The nearby beach with this Sendang Biru Coast sardines, white sandy beaches sloping unspoiled. Second distance is about 3 km's.
Segoro Anakan

It is not as well known other natural attractions in East Java, however, merits a very unique and distinctly different from the others. Away from noise, the atmosphere is natural, beautiful and not a single building standing here as a place of lodging, restaurants, and so on.

Segoro Anakan is a lake located on a small island called Pulau Sempu, south of the island of Java in the area of ​​Malang regency, or are across the beach

Karang Bolong

Where there is water in the lake is derived from deburan water waves slam south coast reefs.

Some of the water flowing into the coral Segara of child through large hole in the middle or later, known as the"karang bolong".

Currently Sempu Island is a nature reserve that is protected by the government. On the island there are more than 80 species of birds are protected and there are also other animals such as wild boar, deer, Javan langur as well and if lucky can see traces of the leopard.

The uniqueness of this island is traveled at low tide if we could cross to the island of Java Sempu. Visitors generally cross to and from the morning and afternoon, because the crossing can only be done at the moment and even should not be more than 16.00 pm.

Long-tailed monkeys

If visitors want to stay here you can stay at the lodge-inn owned by communities along the road to the beach Sendangbiru. Or it could also open the tent in Segoro Anakan, Sempu Island. However, visitors must request permission in advance at checkpoints in Sendangbiru located right across the island Sempu. This is done in order to preserve the habitat and environment Nature Reserve this attraction.
Perahu nelayan yang siap mengantar kita
menyeberang ke Pulau Sempu

Talk about a field that must be taken to get to Segoro Anakan, during the rainy season nowadays, it takes a little extra effort and patience.
Jalan setapak di sore hari
Because the path becomes muddy Sempu island so it is very slippery and muddy and it is easy to slip.

Through the woods and swamps that are still virgin and Javan langur occasionally heard shouting. But the trip takes 1 to 3 hours of severe it will soon pay off by beautiful scenery and beauty of the Segoro Anakan.

By climbing a cliff to the south island Sempu, we will be treated to views of the sea cliffs separated. As far as the eye could see that look was a stretch of blue sea and sky are separated by a horizon.

Down the path for about half an hour from Segara Anakan, we can stop to some of the beaches on the south island Sempu.

Sunset at Karang Bolong, Segoro Anakan
Finally, The Journey to the Hidden Paradise already done. Existing one minds when leaving the island is; When I get here again? Because there are still some places that have not stop by  such as catfish lake, Lake Sat, Telaga Dara, and a more attractive place to be visited is the beach facing exactly south, which until now is still no information about the name and clear documentation.<4215neverdie>