Balekambang beach located south of the city of Malang, precisely in the District Bantur approximately 65 km. Balekambang beach can be reached by passing through the area of the district and sub-district Gondanglegi Bantur, then go to the village Srigonco. Besides a trip to the Balekambang beach can also be reached via  Kepanjen district, then to the District Pagak after that turn left in the direction of District Bantur.

If taken from Surabaya, Sidoarjo go directly towards, and then into the unfortunate city, follow the directions to Kepanjen district and subdistrict Bantur, and meet Bantur city, there will be a choice of directions will meet with district and village Gondanglegi srigonco,, right on the village road srigonco will be winding up and down with a view of green forest department to enter into a tourist area Balekambang.

Selamat Datang

Balekambang Beach is one of the famous beaches of tourism in Malang, East Java. As a point of general tourism, beach Balekambang already equipped with adequate facilities, among others; Kiosk, bungalows, spacious parking, food depots, Mosque, pavilion, camping ground etc..

Balekambang beach spans 2 kilometers and has a coastline of about 200 meters is a beautiful beach with white sand and the waves are relatively flat. However, despite having a relatively calm waves at low tide than other southern sea coast, not recommended for bathrooms for those who can not swim. It is precisely at low tide is danger of the waves to be bigger and have a lot of casualties.

There are 3 small islands opposite the beach is Ismoyo Island, Anoman Island and Island Wisanggeni . If you hear a story that is very similar to Balekambang lot Land Bali, with pure which is across from the beach on the island and is linked with the story of the people jembatan.Yang is Ismoyo island with majestic temple stands in the middle, are similar to those in the Tanah Lot Bali. The beach is quite crowded visited by domestic and foreign tourists during public holidays, and will be more crowded again, especially during the month of Suro. Because at that time will be held ceremonies rituals and ceremonies Suro'an Jalanidhi Puja ceremony is a special event in this Balekambang Coast.

If a visit to the  Balekambang beach, do not forget to come to the beach as well as two beach Kondang Merak is close.