The mountain is located in the province of East Java, Strato-type areas with an altitude of 3339 m above sea level. Usually this is achieved from mountain climbing two points are well known, from Tretes and Batu Malang. Arjuno adjacent to Mount Welirang. Arjuno mountain peak located on the same ridge mountain peaks Welirang. Apart from the above two Arjuno to climb from various other directions.

Mountain, located to the west of Batu Malang - East Java is also a climbing destination. Besides the high that has reached over 3000 meters, in the mountains there are several attractions. One is the waterfall attraction "Kakek Bodo" ​​which is also one of the route to the summit of Mount Arjuna. Though apart Kakek Bodo waterfall attraction, there is also another waterfall, but the tourists rarely visit other waterfall, probably because of the location and tourist facilities are less supportive.
Climbing Routes

Arjuna mountain to climb and a variety of directions; North direction (Tretes) through Mount Welirang, and the east (Lawang) and from the west (Batu Malang-Selecta).

ROUTE climbing from Tretes:

Tretes is a Travel and Tourism Forest and there is a beautiful waterfall which falls Kakek Bodo. Tretes widely available in hotels and Inns, weather was cool and a comfortable resting place. And Pos PHPA Tretes we can directly rnendaki Mount Welirang and Mount Arjuna. After walking between 4-5 hours to the southwest of Tretes we can stop and spend the night in the hut where people seek ore sulfur, here there is enough water for cooking or bathing abundant, almost every day about 20-30 workers were looking for and carrying stones sulfur to Tretes. To be continued until the next morning ascent to the top of Welirang or turn us straight towards Mount Arjuna. Journey from the lodge to the summit of Mount Welirang, will pass through the Pine forest rocky path. After walking 3 hours we will reach the summit of Mount Welirang.

Below the peak there is a crater that Welirang spewing sulfur gas. Journey to the top of Tretes Welirang takes 7-8 hours. If we are going to continue the run of to Mount Arjuna then after she reached the summit of Mount Welirang we walked down ± 10 minutes exactly to the south. Forests that are passed through a pine forest with ravines and mountain suburb Gunug Twins I and Twins II. After walking 6-7 hours we will reach the peak of Arjuna. But first we will pass a place called "Market Dieng", height almost equal to the peak of Mount Arjuna and stone are arranged neatly in part as a fence and lands flat rather extensive. From here to the peak G. Arjuna only takes ± 10 minutes. To reach Mount Arjuna and Mount Welirang it takes 5 to 6 hours. The summit of Mount Arjuna wind is very strong and the temperature between 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Here we can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the night, especially when we can see down cities like Surabaya, Malang, Batu, Pasuruan. and the North Sea with the twinkling lights of the ship. Peak G. Arjuna also called the Peak 'Ogal-Agil' or 'peak-Ringgit. Around the summit could set up a tent for the night. The route down to the town of Lawang or eastwards to pass Cernara forests, tropical forests and shrubs. after that we will go through the northern Wonosari Tea Plantation. Down towards closer Lawang and wasting time instead of back toward Mount Welirang / Tretes. Traveling down towards Lawang approximately 6 hours.

ROUTE climbing from Lawang:

The hike from the town of Lawang Mount Arjuno initial ascent is practical because easy Lawang city we take direction well and Surabaya and Malang, in addition to direct Mountaintop Arjuno we are heading and direction. If we want to climb from the town of Lawang, from the direction of Surabaya Malang majors we took the bus and got off at Lawang (about 76 Km) and when from Malang, from Terminal Arjosari we boarded the bus to Lawang with a distance of 18 Km. And Lawang we ride public transportation (freight village) to the village as far as 13 km Wonorejo. The climb to the summit starts from the village towards the village of Tea Plantation Wonosari distance of 3 km. Here we report on the PHPA officials and also sought permission to climb, water supply we have prepared well in the last village. From the village Wonosari walked past the tea gardens and Wonosari and continue to rise for 3-4 hours drive we will reach "Oro - Oro Ombo" which is where the campers.

From "Oro-oro Ombo" heading to the summit takes 6-7 hours journey by passing through a dense forest called the forest "LaliJiwo" to get to the top of the last. After we passed the Forest Lali Jiwo we are going through pastures jalannva uphill (steep) once. Approaching the summit, we will walk through the rocks a lot and met a very beautiful plant after that we will reach the summit of Mount Arjuna. Other climbing routes, from the town of Batu by Selecta is located on the western side of Mount Welirang. Stone City is a tourist place that has warm water from the foot of Mount Welirang and keadaannva Tretes not much different. From Kediri direction or towards Batu Malang we can take a bus / Colt, then ride from Stone towards Selecta using Colt (rural transport).

Selecta one of the stones in the city with an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level. Upon arriving at Selecta haik we can spend the night at the Hotel or Inn. Tomorrow morning the colt, we headed Kebonsari village. In this village we have to prepare enough water for the trip to the summit and return. We begin our ascent through the fields with vegetables and a footpath leading to the northeast and continues to rise through tropical forests, the way it would look vaguely peak Arjuna. Hike for 5-6 hours will take us to the mountain ridge that connects the summit of Mount Welirang and Arjuno, precisely southeast of Mount Twins I. We still have to travel 1-2 hours to menujupuncak Mount Welirang to the left or to the right Arjuno for 4-5 hours.

ROUTE climbing Purwosari:

Permits can be taken care of ponds in villages by paying Rp.2.000 Watu, - per person in the Post Register that also doubles as a shop

Hamlet of Pond Watu
Climbers can rest at home Mom Praises transit village pond this Watu. From the village pond Watu is beginning the climb up the trail to the summit of Arjuna. Initial climb through pine forest will neatly, while on the sidelines of the many pine trees planted coffee trees and banana trees. The atmosphere is quiet, cool, calm and wingit starting to feel upon entering this area. Climbing the road to see the form of MacAdam tubs / tendon water.

Watu Pond Village - Cave Antaboga: + / - 1 hour

Cave Antaboga
Cave called Gua Antaboga. Goa was under the rock cliff facing north, with a depth of 1.5 m, 1 m wide, and has a height of 1.25 m. In front of the cave terbapat a hostel that can be used by pilgrims to unwind after a half hour walk into this cave. There is water and can be obtained from the pipe that is left of the peak direction Arjuno dijalur climbing.

Cave Antaboga - Grandmother Petilasan Abiyasa: + / - 1 hour 30 minutes

Grandmother Petilasan Abiyasa
The walkways around the site is laid out neatly with cement and the frame on the right of way established gardens are very neat and clean. There is a swimming Dewi Kunti is said if water is taken to provide sublime soul and always remember Hyang power. Here too there are several huts built for pejiarah. About 50 meters down from the second rather petilasan there are websites Sekutrem Grandmother.
Petilasan is shaded by large trees that are visible from a distance the impression wingit and austere. Grandmother Petilasan sekutrem also be a closed room wall. The width of the building is approximately 2.5 m x 2m. In it there is a statue made of stone andezit with about 70 cm. In petilasan is always lit incense and incense that spread fragrance.

Grandmother Abiyasa - Sakri Site Grandmother: + / - 10 min

Site Grandmother Sakri
This form enclosed cupola Petilasan facing west, is made of wood. In it there is a kind of tomb stones that stretches south to the north. Beside him stood a hut made of dry grass that can be used for rest and overnight. There is water and can be obtained from the pipe that is left of the peak direction Arjuno dijalur climbing.

Site Grandmother Saktri - Site Grandmother Semar: + / - 1 hr 15 min

Site Grandmother Semar
This most famous haunted, avoid to stay at this location, although around this site there are three cottages and a hall built by the pejiarah

Site Grandmother Semar - Revelation Makutarama: + / - 30 minutes

Revelation Makutarama
This form andesite Petilasan building measuring 7 x 7 m with a height of about 3 meters. In the stonework there are two adjoining crown kings. It is a symbol of the greatness of a king duhulu era. Water sources of air / water tank
Makutarama Revelation - peak Sepilar + / - 20 min

Peak Sepilar
If from Sepilar, heading down the hill towards the right, reached the temple Wesi.
Here can be seen the three statues of Pandavas, formerly contained five statues, but statues Nakul and Sahadev had been stolen. To the left of the building Sepilar temple can be seen a grave, which is where the story is muksanya Grandmother Semar. To the right of the site in the wake of a cottage by the pejiarah to stay. Approximately 100 meters to the right there is a water source called Drajad spring.
Peak Sepilar - Temple Holy Manunggale + / - 3 hours

Manunggale Holy Temple
This temple is just a stone laid as the foundation upon which lies a marble that reads Java letters and underneath is written Sura Dira Jaya Diningrat Melt Dining Pangastuti (Evil will lose the favor). And under this article tersebutlah behalf of Supreme Court Prawira Harjana Resi. This guy is a loyal follower of Bung Karno.
Manunggale Holy Temple - Peak Arjuna + / - 5 hours

The summit of Mount Arjuna

Around the top of the mountain Arjuna there are many large boulders scattered, on the north peak form steep, rocky ravine very beautiful. It is unfortunate that large boulders on a mountain top Arjuna has been marred by graffiti hands of those who claimed "Nature Lover". To the west appear in front of our mountain Welirang always remove smoke, as well as mountain Welirang Northwest toward underwriting the pointy mountain looks perfect, the peak of the mountain that resembles semeru. Towards the east we can see the mountain peak semeru very charming. To the south of us standing mountain and Mount Kawi Anjasmoro. Arjuna mountaintop, there is a stone-shaped throne (chair) frequented by pejiarah to burn incense and incense. In the picture there are chakra stones and java script which means Almighty, this is where Nature reigns ruler of Magical Mount Arjuna, do not try to sit down or stepping stones, to avoid trouble.